idea / イデア (2017)

Exhibition at ABS gallery in Kyoto
March 31th – May 21th 2017

このプロジェクトでは、写真を幅3680mm x 縦2450mmの不織布にプリントし、のれんのように4組で1枚の写真を構成。森と海の写真と人との関係を表現した。

In this project, photographs are printed on a nonwoven fabric with a width of 3680 mm x length of 2450 mm, and four pictures constitute a single picture like goodwill. I expressed the relationship between forest and ocean photos and people.
The nonwoven fabric can be seen through both sides, and when people pass through it, wind blows and rocks fluffily. It is a work which is completed by human intervention. It is natural that people can be circulated by successfully entering.

Print size: 3680 x 2450mm
Latex print on nonwoven fabric