It’s One-World / ひとつになる世界

Kyotographie / 京都国際写真祭 2015
Exhibition at ABS gallery in Kyoto
April 17th – May 10th 2015






The earth encloses a wide variety of creatures. The world cherishes each individuality, recognizes the dif- ference, respects each other. It is a work that I made in the hope that a sense of “the world will become one” will be born inside of people.

In the “It’s a One-World” series, I made microcosms in side of each acrylic cubes by composing architecture with constructing architectural photographs which I made around the world.

The title of this work sympathizes with Buckminster Fuller’s book “Spaceship Earth”. From one of Fuller’s concepts “It’s a One Town World”,
Fuller thought that there is a strong tendency for man- kind to become a worldman as the wrong concept of classifying people called “race” is spreading as human beings evolve.

Based on the concept of Fuller, the Earth as a space- craft traveling through the universe, the placement of the acrylic blocks are like the stars float in space. Also, I arrange the angle of the acrylic blocks to show only one picture would be visible when entring the exhibi- tion space.

In each work, it consists of an acrylic block sand- wiching architectural photographs which I took them around the world. Acrylic blocks of 2 to 7 cm thick were combined so as to be cubic, and using a refrac- tion of light, a mechanism was made to hide and show the photograph. There are 2 to 5 photos in one acrylic cube, but never intersects and not all the photos can be seen all at once. It is just like we can not capture every- thing in the world.

*Buckminster Fuller was known as architect, structural
design, inventor, philosopher, lived 1895–1983.

print size: 91mm x 91mm
Digital print
Aclyic blocks