Landscape of Kishira (2020)

Yuna Yagi Photography Exhibition
“Landscape of Kishira”

A primeval laurel forest from the Jomon period.

Movie by Jinn Yagi

Landscape of Kishira


2018年に私が訪れた鹿児島県肝付町岸良(きもつきちょう きしら)は大隅半島の東部に位置し、内之浦宇宙観測所(JAXA)があることで有名なところである。同時に縄文時代からの照葉樹林原始林が残っている貴重な地域だ。



“Landscape of Kishira”
A primeval laurel forest from the Jomon period.

Twenty million years ago, an archipelago consisting of five main islands split from the continent, to become Japan – where we live today. With a territory going from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Philippine Sea in the Pacific Ocean, Japan has a significant diverse climate and has a rich biota a significant diversity in the flora:
Of about 7,500 plant species, about 2,700 are endemic to Japan.

However, a lot of this unique vegetation is at risk and is silently disappearing.

I visited Kimotsuki – Kishira, in 2018. Located in the Eastern part of the Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture, it is famous for hosting the Uchinoura Space Observatory (JAXA). It is also a precious area where a primeval laurel forest has remained since the Jomon period.

There, I felt the presence of a god, spreading over the warm and humid zone in between the forest and the sea. I also felt that the scenery of Kishira may be the birth place of contemporary Japan, connecting Jomon and the universe.

Yuna Yagi Photography Exhibition
“Landscape of Kishira”

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