Pixels (2015)


1枚の風景写真を1050mm x 1545mmの紙に出力し、それを10mm x 10mmの正方形に切断した。地球の断片として分厚いアクリルに閉じ込めた作品。


Photography is a medium that can be enlarged and reduced freely.

A single landscape photograph was printed out on 1050mm x 1545mm paper, which was then cut into 10mm x 10mm pieces. This work is trapped in thick acrylic as a fragment of the earth.

All materials in existence are atoms, and the area between things, which we thought to be separated, actually does not exist. I believe that all things that exist are one.

print size: 1050 x 1545mm
trimmed in 10 x 10mm
Archival pigment print
Aclyic block, aluminum,
*all unique pieces