八木夕菜(やぎ ゆうな)



近年では、世界を旅して撮影した写真をアクリルブロックにとじ込めた立体作品郡「ひとつになる世界」(2015) や、写真に幾何学のアルゴリズムを施し、水を用いたインスタレーション「崩れゆく世界」(2016)、日本の葬祭場から日本人の死生観を考察し、空間インスタレーション「祈りの空間」(2017) で表現した作品などを発表。パリ国際現代写真アートフェア、FOTOFEVER (2017) に招待作家として参加。 2018年にはPola Museum Annex 銀座にて、個展「NOWHERE」を開催。

2016年  「KYOTOGRAPHIE 京都国際写真祭」ポートフォリオ・レビュー 最優秀 ハッセルブラッド賞
2019年  「写真の町 東川賞」 新人賞ノミネート

2015年  「ひとつになる世界 / IT’S ONE-WORLD」京都国際写真祭KG+, ABS gallery, 京都
2016年  「崩れゆく世界 / Collapsing World」京都国際写真祭KG+, ozasahayashi gallery, 京都
2016年  「YUNA YAGI – Une passion partagée pour la photographie d’architecture」Roche Bobois, パリ, フランス
2017年  「祈りの空間 / Space For Prayer」京都国際写真祭KG+, Bijuu gallery, 京都
2017年  「START TO COLLECT」FOTOFEVER 2017, パリ, フランス
2018年  「NOWHERE」Pola Museum Annex, 東京

2013年  「3人展」ギャラリーA, 京都
2013年  「せいしゅん」note et sort, 東京
2015年  「2,3,4,5」23, 京都
2017年  「Hz_Sugata edition_#01 / exhibition “折_ori”」Gallery SUGATA, 京都
2018年  「ひびきあうもの」清光院下のギャラリー, 島根

2018年  「I SEE」、DOOKS出版




Artist / Photographer

Yuna Yagi is a Kyoto based artist/photographer. She graduated from the Architecture Department at Parsons School of Design and Art in New York (2004). She expresses the experience of the act of “seeing” by photography and space installation.

In recent years, Yagi presented the series of “It’s One World” (2015), which photographs taken by traveling around the world were embedded in acrylic blocks, an installation using water, “Collapsing World” (2016) was applied geometrical algorithms to photographs, and the series of “Space For Prayer” (2017) she photographed the funeral places in Japan to see what is the Japanese views of life and death. She participated as an invited artist for FOTOFEVER (2017), Paris International Contemporary Photography Art Fair. In 2018, she held her first large-scale solo exhibition in Tokyo “NOWHERE” at Pola Museum Annex Ginza.

2010       Based in Kyoto.
2008-09  Worked at GRAFT Architekten in Berlin
2005-08  Worked at Shigeru Ban’s office in New York
2004       Graduated from Parsons School of Design and Art, Architecture Department, New York. 2004-2005 Internship at LOT-EK in New York

What is the one we are seeing? Is the thing that the photograph shows is true? By giving a sense of incongruity to the eyes while using materials common to everyday, we aim to destroy the question and break the concept (belief) that we have built as we live. “Know ignorance.”

Selected Works and Exhibitions:
2019        “Blanc / Black” solo exhibition, MOGANA, KYOTO
2018        “NOWHERE” solo exhibition, Pola Museum Annex, TOKYO
2018        “Tel Aviv” exhibition with Jens (dress label), TOKYO and OSAKA
2017        “Hz edition #01 ori” Group exhibition, Gallery Sugata, KYOTO
2017        FOTOFEVER “START TO COLLECT” Presented by Roche Bobois, PARIS
2017        “MARTIAN” exhibition with Jens (dress label), TOKYO and KYOTO
2017        “Space For Prayer” Solo exhibition, Bijuu Gallery, KYOTO
KYOTOGRAPHY satelite KG+ 2017 (International Photography Festival in Kyoto)
2016        YUNA YAGI PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSITION at RocheBobois, Saint-German, PARIS
2016        “Collapsing-World” Solo exhibition, ozasahayashi_kyoto gallery, KYOTO
KYOTOGRAPHY satelite KG+ 2016 (International Photography Festival in Kyoto)
2015        “IT’S ONE-WORLD” Solo exhibition, ABS GALLERY, KYOTO
KYOTOGRAPHY satelite KG+ 2015 (International Photography Festival in Kyoto)
2015        “2,3,4,5”, Group exhibition, 23 GALLERY, KYOTO
2013        “Seishun” Photography Group exhibition, note et sort, TOKYO
2010        “Exhibition of 3”, Group exhibition, GALLERY A, KYOTO
2010        YUNA YAGI “PAUSE”, Photography Solo exhibition, K GALLERY, TOKYO
2009-10  Architecture renovation on “Y-HOUSE”

Selected Awards:
2019        Higashikawa New Photographer Awards, Nominated.
2016        Hasselbrad Prize, Grand Prix for Portfolio Review of Kyotographie.

2017        FOTOFEVER 2017, FRANCE
2017        Planphase Magazine, No.6 BEST BEFORE Winter 2016/2017, GERMANY
2016        “Chanque photo a son histoire”, Polka Magazine #34, FRANCE

2018        “I SEE”  published by DOOKS

photo by Mikito Tateisi